Hello! I’m a NYC-based urbanist-technologist working across technology incubation, human-centered design, and the built environment.

Technology incubation and prototyping

I turn nascent technology concepts into designs, prototypes, and real-world pilots through a problem-driven, human-centered process, and steer them towards problem-solution and product-market fit, with a particular focus on technologies relating to streets, mobility and public realm; IoT systems; and other technologies that cross the digital-physical divide.

Urban development

I lead complex urban planning and strategic consulting projects, including design leadership, team oversight, and stakeholder relationship management. Among other experiences, I have led award-winning streets design and city-wide mobility strategies for the City of Boston; a long-term development framework for ITESM, Mexico’s largest private university system; and several high-profile private real estate master plans.

Urban innovation advisory

I also advise developers and cities on how design innovations and new technologies can make urban development more sustainable, inclusive, and centered on human quality of life. I draw on broad knowledge of the state of the art and synthesize it with client-specific and project-specific needs, and develop actionable plans for pilots and at-scale implementation.

I combine these three roles as a Director of Planning at Sidewalk Labs, where I provide urban innovation consulting to the real estate development industry, lead a technology development program focused on “streets of the future”, and oversaw key aspects of the flagship Quayside project. Previously, I led the product function at Envelope.city and managed urban development projects at Sasaki and Utile.

My professional work is related to my critical interests at the intersection of urbanism and technology: the legibility and governance of contemporary cyber-physical technology systems; technology controversies and technology counterfactuals; and new roles and competencies for the design professions. I’m thinking through these issues through design research and teaching, currently as a lecturer in Harvard’s Masters of Design Engineering program, a program focused on cultivating a new kind of system-centered technology design-engineering practice.