Hello, I'm an urban designer and technologist working at the intersection of design, technology, strategy, and the built environment.

As an urban designer, I have led the development of Boston Complete Streets guidelines (winner of 2015 APA National Award in communication design); Go Boston 2030, the city's 20-year strategic mobility plan; a long-term design, implementation, and operational plan for the City of Grand Rapids parks department; as well as a strategic framework for the Mexico City campuses of ITESM, Mexico's largest private university system. I bring a clear design sensibility and an innovative approach to data analysis and storytelling to these diverse projects across different contexts and client types.

My technology work broadly focuses on an interest in understanding and communicating urban complexity and galvanizing collective urban action. As a project lead at MIT Senseable City Lab, adjunct professor in information design at Northeastern University, and as a freelance developer, I continue to explore this interest through a variety of projects.

A designer with strong programming abilities, I'm proficient with both frontend and backend technologies, and enjoy exploring the creative potential of new(-ish) technologies such as WebGL and deep learning.

I now work at Envelope.City, where I head up product design of cutting-edge 3D urban spatial analysis and visualization software, and at Northeastern University, where I teach graduate-level courses in information design and visualization. I continue to look for speculative project opportunities that intersect with my skills and intellectual interests.