2014-09 Present

Misc. Data Visualization Research and Teaching

Through design research projects, exhibition work, and teaching (at Northeastern’s IDV and Harvard MDE programs), I’ve been exploring the possibilities of data visualization as a new “way of knowing”. The projects below exploit data visualization’s power to generate new knowledge, discourse, and activism, particularly as they relate to my core domain of interest, urbanism.

Hubway data visualization: understanding the mobility dynamics of cities through its bike share network (design research project developed as a teaching tool)

Below are examples of student work, in which I trained students to use data visualization as a tool for urban research into key issues of our day, such as housing affordability and equity in municipal services provision.

Irene de la Torre and Fu Xiangyi
Student work by Irene de la Torre and Fu Xiangyi, on 311 levels of service in Boston

Ryan Morrill
Student work by Ryan Morrill, on the impact of Airbnbs