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Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Experience Plan

Sasaki worked with the National Park Service and the USS Constitution Museum to reimagine the visitor experience at Charlestown Navy Yard, home to the famed frigate USS Constitution, one of the country's preeminent naval attractions. As the project manager at Sasaki, I oversaw the study, which focuses on transforming this 30-acre park campus on a prime stretch of the downtown Boston waterfront into a vibrant and forward-looking urban waterfront experience. The study culminated in a high-level design vision for the site, strategies for greater connectivity with the rest of the city, innovative ideas for education and outreach programs, as well as a future governance strategy that brings disparate parties--NPS, the Museum, the Navy, the City, and the community--together for the first time.

Waterfront context
CNY's context within Boston's bustling waterfront
Tourism context
CNY's position relative to other Boston area tourist attractions
Visitor engagement
Visitor research and engagement
Entry area
Entry area
Pier 1 area
Vision for enhanced Pier 1, showing 4-season activities and space for flexible programs