2012 2018

Boston Seaport Development Planning

As project manager and urban designer at Sasaki and Utile, I’ve been engaged in several high-profile planning and real estate development projects in Boston’s Seaport district. My work involved leading the urban design component (planning framework, massing studies, public realm, mobility, and infrastructure) of a long-term strategic expansion plan of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center; a comprehensive reimagining of the public realm around the World Trade Center; and WS Development’s Seaport Square project, Boston’s largest private real estate development project to date.

For Massport, my work involved a comprehensive reimagining of the ground floor and public realm experience within current and upcoming World Trade Center development projects

Lawn on D
For Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, I worked as part of a design team that came up with a long-range development framework and real estate strategy for the convention center. Part of this work led to Lawn on D, a flexible temporary public space and among the first of its kind in the country (image credit: Sasaki)

Seaport Square
For WS Development's Seaport Square, my work involved the urban design framework, massing studies, and permitting of the project (image credit: Sasaki)