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City of Grand Rapids Parks Masterplan

As project manager at Sasaki, I worked with the City of Grand Rapids and HR&A Advisors to develop a long-term strategy for the design, enhancement, operation, management, and funding of the city's Parks Department as it emerges from a long period of disinvestment. The study focuses on developing actionable projects and building partnerships with the city’s philanthropic and private sectors, with guidance from the city’s wider citizenry. A robust stakeholder engagement process lay the foundation for the successful implementation of the project.

A year-long public engagement campaign to solicit ideas for the parks system included efforts such as pop-up storefronts.
Funding strategies that leverage public and private resources
Clear, actionable implementation strategies
System inventory
A rigorously data-driven discovery phase revealed key strengths in Grand Rapids's parks system, as well as gaps in service delivery.
System inventory
Benchmarking against national standards